Surf on the blockchain, hug the future

Surf on the blockchain,
hug the future

KDAG (KING of Directed Acyclic Graph) is the underlying
infrastructure of a new generation of value networks, dedicated
to building a new generation of underlying trusted network
protocols, and providing efficient, convenient, secure, and stable
development and deployment environments to customers worldwide.

Technical Advantages

Hug Algorithm

Embrace instead of consensus
to solvedata consistency

Through the originalKDAG structure, the nodes that embraceit will get legal transaction referencesand achieve complete decentralization.

Surf Effect

Achieve high security of
transaction privacy

Randomness screening like the waves, the introduction of nodes to obtain the legitimacy of the transaction. Achieve high security of transaction privacy.

KDAG Structure

Break the traditional chain structure and design a new consensus mechanism on KDAG

While achieving complete decentralization and absolute security, it breaks through performance bottlenecks, and TPS can reach 30,000+ per second.

Investment Agencies